The College of Health and Human Performance
Department of Kinesiology


Certificate in Physical Education Clinical Supervision

The department of Kinesiology offers a graduate online Certificate in Physical Education Clinical Supervision. This offers licensed physical education teachers the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully provide clinical supervision for physical education teacher candidates and practicing physical education teachers. The overall objective of the program is to prepare licensed physical educators to supervise research-based instruction, reflective activities, and related services to prepare quality physical education teachers. Specifically, candidates who successfully complete the certificate will have a broad-based knowledge of strategies for classroom instruction and class management, dispositions of professional physical educators, skills in supervising reflective practices, developing and implementing communication systems, writing grants for providing leadership to improve physical education programs, skills in current technologies and assessments related to physical education, and strategies for collaborating with and supporting families.

Applicants seeking admission must be MAEd graduate students, MS graduate students with a current teaching license and a minimum of three years of teaching experience, or physical education professionals working in K-12 schools. Professionals can enroll as non-degree seeking students. Admission is based on completion of the ECU certificate application and approval by the program coordinator.

The certificate program requires 12 s.h. of graduate-level course work with completion of the following courses: EXSS 6101, 6108, 6109, and 6110.

6101. Technology and Assessment for Physical Education Teacher Education (3). Overview of the various types of technology and assessment that can be utilized in teaching physical education to support instruction and assessment in K-12 settings.
6108. Analysis of Teaching in Physical Education (3). P/C: EXSS 6104 or permission of instructor. Analysis of teaching behaviors in physical education related to class management, student activity levels, skill feedback, and verbal and nonverbal interactions through the use of systematic and informal observation techniques.
6109. Clinical Supervision in Physical Education (3). P/C: EXSS 6104 or permission of instructor. Application of the clinical supervision model for teacher development in physical education to promote supervisory behaviors that, in turn, promote the growth of teacher candidates and novice or experienced physical education teachers.
6110. Professional Issues in Physical Education Teacher Education (3). Current issues in contemporary physical education teacher education are examined, with an emphasis on teaching K-12 physical education and trends found in current professional literature.