Exercise Physiology Faculty

Dr. Joseph A. Houmard (M.S. Exercise Physiology Degree Director; Director, Human Performance Laboratory), B.A., Manchester College; M.A., Miami University; Ph.D., Ball State University. 380 Ward Sports Medicine Building; (252) 737-4617; houmardj@ecu.edu

Dr. Ronald N. Cortright, B.A., Hiram College; M.A., Ph.D., Kent State University. 378 Ward Sports Medicine Building; (252) 737-4678; cortrightr@ecu.edu

Dr. Robert Hickner, (PhD in Bioenergetics Degree Director) B.S., Indiana University; M.S., Ball State University; Ph.D., The Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. 379 Ward Sports Medicine Building; (252) 737-4677; hicknerr@ecu.edu

Mr. Michael R. McCammon (B.S. Exercise Physiology Degree Director) B.A. University of South Carolina; M.A., East Carolina University. 105 Fitt Bldg., (252) 737-1293; mccammonm@ecu.edu

Dr. Darrell Neufer, B.S. West Virginia Wesleyan College, M.S. Ball State University, Ph.D. East Carolina University. Ward Sports Medicine Bldg., (252) 744-2780; neuferp@ecu.edu

Mr. Charles J. Tanner (Associate Director, Human Performance Laboratory) B.S. East Carolina University; M.A., East Carolina University. 363B Ward Sports Medicine Bldg., (252) 737-4683;tannerc@ecu.edu

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The Department of Kinesiology is a member of the American Kinesiology Association.

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For information contact: Dr. Katrina DuBose

National Academy of Kinesiology Top Ten

The Ph.D. program in Bioenergetics and Exercise Science has been ranked as a Top 10 program in the country by an independent company (Academic Analytics) and by the National Academy of Kinesiology that benchmark academic and research excellence.