KINE Graduate Student Organization

The purpose of the Kinesiology Graduate Student Organization is to provide a means for the presentation, consideration, and disposition of all concerns and interests of graduate students in the Department of Kinesiology.

Upcoming Events and Meetings

    • TBA

Volunteer/Service Opportunities

  • Dog Walking
    • Need some company by someone who will love you no matter what crazy you are going through? This is a great opportunity to make a puppy friend and give them some greatly needed exercise.
    • Every Friday morning (9am) at Pitt County Animal Shelter
    • Address: 4550 County Home Rd, Greenville, NC 27858
    • Phone: (252) 902-1726
    • Have any questions?  Contact Jackie Baker for more information
  • Road Races
  • Senior Games - April 18th - 29th
    • Volunteer and encourage our older population to stay healthy through exercise as they display their agility through various sports and activities.
    • To sign up to volunteer, email Jennifer Lanier!
    • Read more about Pitt County activities at
  • Food Drives!
  • Toy or Coat Drives!
  • Blood Drives!
  • Have other ideas or suggestions? Contact us!
  • Did you do some community service on your own time? We want to know!
    • Contact us and let us know what you did and when you helped out in the community!
    • This goes towards your KGSO membership and helps us get more funding for you all so let us know!

KGSO Shirts for Sale!

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  • Contact Dr. Raedeke for more details!

Join KGSO!

  • Check out membership requirements below
  • Submit your Intent to Travel or Intent for Certification!
  • Submit your Travel forms!
  • The sooner you know and let us know, the better.
  • Check out our funding table to gauge how much reimbursement to expect

To join KGSO you must complete the following:

  1. Attend a meeting
  2. Participate in a KGSO event
  3. Pay KGSO yearly dues: $5
  4. Register as a member on ECU OrgSync (
    1. Sign in with your pirate ID
    2. Search for and join the Kinesiology Graduate Student Organization.
  5. Email KGSO Treasurer Erica Bell a list of National Society memberships

Fill out intent for certification membership form as soon as possible! The sooner we know the better portion out funds for certification requests.

Submit the necessary forms 4 weeks prior to travel!

Preference for fund allocation is given to those who submit prior to October 12th.

Click here to download the Intent for Certification Membership form

Check out the KGSO Funding Table

Fill out intent to travel form as soon as possible! The sooner we know the better portion out funds for travel requests.

Preference for fund allocation is given to those who submit prior to October 12th.

Click here to download the Intent to Travel form

Check out the KGSO Funding Table


How do I become a KGSO member?

To join KGSO you must complete the following:
1. Attend a meeting
2. Participate in a KGSO event
3. Pay KGSO yearly dues: $5
4. Register as a member on ECU OrgSync (
5. Email KGSO Treasurer Erica Bell a list of National Society memberships


Can I get KGSO funding for more than one conference?

Although we wish we could provide complete funding for travel related expenses for professional development, doing so is not possible. Consequently, the goal of the KGSO is to fund as many Kinesiology graduate students as possible. We will only honor 1 funding request per member in effort to fund as many students as possible as the KGSO budget is not sufficient to provide $400 for every student.

How much will KGSO give me for going to a conference? What if I will be presenting?
Funding Tiers Request Amount Funding Amount Cap Funding Percentage
1 ≤ $500 $200 40%
2 $501 to $750 $250 34%
3 $751 to $1000 $300 30%
4 $1001 to $1250
$350 28%
5 $1251+ $400 27%

KGSO will contribute an additional $50 for members presenting at the conference for which they have requested travel funding.

When do I need to turn in my funding request?

Funding requests need to be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to travel. In the fall semester, the KGSO will request intent to travel funds be submitted by the first Friday in November. Students who submit an intent to travel request by that date will be given priority. Student who submit a request after that date may or may not receive funding depending on fund availability.

When will I receive my reimbursement?

You should receive an email shortly after my submission of your request by the GPSS funding contact, Aleshia Hunt, to finalize methods of reimbursement. You have 5 days from the time of that email to accept your funding. Upon returning from the conference, you have 10 days to submit all receipts to her in order to process your reimbursement.

I haven't booked my hotel because I don't know if I can cover the cost yet and I'm waiting to see how much funding I can receive. Will this affect my ability to receive funding?

If you are requesting funding to cover some or all of your hotel costs, this will affect the amount of funding you can receive. Typically we need confirmations for your: 1) conference registration, 2) hotel reservation, and 3) flight reservation upfront in order to submit a complete funding request. If you don't have a hotel reservation at the time of your funding request submission, you will automatically receive less money for your funding request due to the fact that we can't include hotel costs without "proof".

**Most hotels do not require payment until you check out. They just need a credit/debit card on file at the time you book the reservation. It is best to book the reservation (which may or may not come with a small reservation fee) so that you can include this information in your funding request and receive as much money as possible for you travel request.

2016-2017 KGSO Officers

President: Tyler Whittier
KGSO President
Tyler is a second year graduate student studying motor learning and control. He earned his undergraduate degree from Colorado State University in Health and Exercise Science where he also was on the football team. His research interests include the neural pathways controlling bodily movement, electroencephalography, motor imagery, and how healthy lifestyle habits effect the human brain. His thesis project focuses on methods of measuring motor activity by way of EEG. This project involves two subprojects, one monitoring the cognitive demand of running with an altered gait, and the other is looking at the differences in neural activity of left and right-handed individuals as they perform motor-imagery related tasks. When he is not studying(and sometimes when he is) he enjoys being in the mountains, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and anything related to music. He is married to a beautiful wife and they are expecting their first child (a girl) this coming December.

Vice President: Victoria Price

KGSO Vice President
Victoria is a 2nd year Biomechanics graduate student from Austin, Texas. She received her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from the University of North Texas. Victoria's interest include gait, locomotion, prosthesis, and exoskeleton performance and injury prevention. Her current research is investigating knee joint forces as athletes run across different surface stiffnesses. She also enjoys swimming, hiking, running, and climbing.

Treasurer: Erica Bell
Erica is a 4th year doctoral student in the Bioenergetics and Exercise Science PhD program. She transferred to East Carolina University in 2010 and obtained her Bachelor's degree in 2013 while being a member of the Women's Track and Field team during her 3 years of undergraduate study. Her research interests focus on how soft tissue material properties influence injury mechanisms in healthy and clinical populations. Her dissertation work centers on the use of ultrasound imaging technology to measure architectural and material properties of foot soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia, heel pad) to use as inputs to create a finite element foot model that will potentially predict/recreate plantar pressures in diabetics. This builds off the idea that a relationship exists between the stiffness (material properties) of intrinsic foot structures and plantar pressures that will help us better understand the mechanism behind the development of diabetic foot ulcers. Having just recently received a New Balance Footwear Research Award, additional work will assess the effect of footwear on foot soft tissue material properties over a training period in experienced runners. When she's not trapped in the lab, Erica enjoys taking pictures of her dog Moose, bowling, music, logic puzzles, and craft projects.

Secretary: Michele Hudgins

Michele is a second year graduate student in the Sport and Exercise Psychology concentration. She is originally from Durham, NC but received her bachelors degree in Athletic Training from the University of Delaware. Michele loves reading (mystery/thriller) and watching sports although she is injury prone. Michele hopes to see KGSO grow this year and looks forward to interacting with all of you!

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