Sport and Exercise Psychology Concentration

The SEP program prepares knowledgeable leaders who can guide individuals, groups, or organizations in increasing involvement and continued motivation in sport, physical activity, and exercise to facilitate overall well-being. The SEP program is based on science-practitioner model where the focus is on theory and research and how that information can be applied in a variety of movement settings. Students are encouraged to become involved with faculty research as well as initiate their own projects with faculty support. Students also have the opportunity to develop applied skills through behavioral and theory-based interventions in the exercise setting and self-initiated projects in the sport realm. The mission of SEP Faculty is to discover and disseminate knowledge in the areas of Exercise Psychology, Motor Behavior, and Sport Psychology through research, service and educational programs.

Students are part of an intentionally small group to provide the opportunity to work closely with faculty members and to offer flexibility in the program to meet academic needs. SEP program has a research focus with a strong opportunity for applied work in exercise psychology through faculty research. Students can also seek applied work in sport settings through their own initiative. The SEP program priorities include:

  1. Maintaining a science-practitioner model
  2. Promoting research
  3. Expanding service programs within the region
  4. Recruiting highly qualified students

Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology. It is essential for students to develop skills through hands on research experience. Many of the research studies we conduct provide hands on experiences working with individuals and groups on physical activity related behavior change. Therefore, students should seek to identify avenues to gain as many hours of research experience as possible and develop skills outside of coursework and for credit work.


Thank you for your interest in the Sport and Exercise Psychology (SEP) Program at East Carolina University. If you have questions about the program, please direct your inquiry to Dr. Nicholas Murray, or 252-737-2977

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