Master of Arts in Education in Education (MAEd) Coursework

Required Courses (36 s.h.) Sh
EDUC 6001 Intro to Differences in Human Learning in Schools 3
EDUC 6480, 6482 or SCIE 6500 (choose one) 3
EXSS 6101 Technology and Assessment of PETE 3
EXSS 6104 Curriculum in Physical Education 3
EXSS 6108 Analysis of Teaching Physical Education 3
EXSS 6109 Clinical Supervision Physical Education 3
EXSS 6110 Professional Issues in PETE 3
EXSS 6202 Motor Learning 3
EXSS 6300 Research Techniques in EXSS 2
EXSS 6301 Research Seminar in EXSS 1
EXSS 6990 Practicum in EXSS 1
EXSS 6991 Practicum in EXSS 1
LEED 6000, ADED 6550 or ELEM 6550 (choose one) 3
SPED 6002 Addressing Differences in Human Learning in Sch 3

EDUC 6001. Introduction to Differences in Human Learning in Schools (3) Examines race, ethnicity, socioenomic class, gender, sexual preference, and exceptionality relative to historical, philosophical. Social, cultural, political, and legal issues in schools.

EDUC 6480. Introduction to Research (3) Development and use of research, research methods, applied research, basic research, methods of reasoning, fallacies in reasoning, statistical methods, thesis writing, survey research, and evaluation of research

EDUC 6482. Trends and Issues in Educational Research for Practitioners (3) Recent developments in educational research and implications for educational practitioners as research consumers.  Emphasis on identification, analysis, application, and evaluation of developments in literature through field-based research.

EXSS 6101. Technology and Assessment for Physical Education Teacher Education (3) Technology and assessment strategies to support physical education instructions and assessment in K-12 settings.

EXSS 6104. Curriculum in Physical Education (3) The present state of physical education is studies with regard to student needs and future trends in curriculum development.

EXSS 6108. Analysis of Teaching in Physical Education (3) Teaching behavior analysis related to class management, student activity levels, skill feedback, and verbal and nonverbal interactions through the use of systematic and informal observation techniques.

EXSS 6109. Clinical Supervision in Physical Education (3) Examines the role of mentoring and reflective teaching necessary for supervising preservice and inservice physical education teachers.

EXSS 6110. Professional Issues in Physical Education Teacher Education (3) Current issues and trends in contemporary K-12 physical education teacher education.

EXSS 6202. Motor Learning (3) Designed to provide an in-depth study of the theories, concepts, and basic principles related to motor skill learning.

EXSS 6300. Research Techniques in Exercise and Sport Science (3) Prepares graduate students to design, conduct, and report research.  Emphasis is placed upon planning research, utilizing research methods, and interpreting results.

EXSS 6301. Research Seminar in Exercise and Sport Science (3) Prepares graduates students to develop and write research proposals and reports.

EXSS 6990, 6991. Practicum in Exercise and Sport Science (1, 2) Visitations and on the job training with administrators in physical education and athletics, and agencies, institutions, and schools with exceptional children and adults and other populations in grades kindergarten through college.

LEED 6000. Leadership and Communication (3) For teachers providing educational leadership.  Importance of effective communication.  Skills and knowledge needed to speak, write, and listen effectively.

SPED 6002. Addressing Differences in Human Learning in Schools (3) Strategies for assessment, curriculum, and instruction of diverse student populations.  Extends and applies information from EDUC 6001.

* All coursework is available online.

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