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The College of Health & Human Performance
Department of Kinesiology


Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Physical Education Faculty

Boni B. Boswell (PhD, Texas Woman’s University).
Minges-155, 252/ 328-0007; boswellb@ecu.edu, Adapted Physical Education, Dance, Motor Development
James T. Decker (PhD, The Ohio State University)
Minges-175; 252/328-0001; deckerj@ecu.edu, Adapted Physical Education and Sport, Graduate Studies
Dana Espinosa (PhD, Texas Woman’s University)
Minges 152, 252/328-2976; EspinosaD@ecu.edu, Physical Education Pedagogy
Bomna Ko (PhD, The Ohio State University)
Minges Coliseum-174; 252/328-0017; kob@ecu.edu, Physical Education Teacher Education