Athletic Training Alumni Group Mission

The Athletic Training Alumni Group exists as a mechanism to keep our alumni connected with one another and involved with the undergraduate and graduate AT programs.

The mission of the Athletic Training Alumni Group, as defined by outlined goals and objectives, and organized by the AT Alumni Council, is as follows:

  • To support, in every manner possible, the activities of East Carolina University and the Athletic Training Education Program in their efforts to realize educational goals.
    • Financially support the Athletic Training Alumni Scholarship for undergraduate athletic training students.
    • Support the Athletic Training Student Club in ways including contributing financial gifts dedicated to specified student clinical or instructional resources or travel.
    • Mentor Athletic Training Education Program students at professional events and in the career setting.
    • Alert the Athletic Training Education Program of opportunities for students to participate in internships, shadowing experiences, or other professional development activities.
  • To involve former students of the Athletic Training Education Program and other interested persons in Alumni Group activities.
    • Utilize an ECU maintained website dedicated to alumni information, which would be maintained by an ECU faculty advisor and make available an alumni contact directory.
    • Collaborate with the faculty representative to distribute informative newsletters to alumni, highlighting alumni news and information.
    • Continue outreach efforts to recruit members to join and actively participate in the AT Alumni Group and its activities.
  • To support a direct line of communication between the members of the Alumni Group and the Athletic Training Education Program.
    • Intermingle with current students at alumni events at ECU and the state, regional, and national conferences.
    • Attend ECU for student-sponsored and program events and occasions.