How do I get DPI Licensure?

You need a teaching license in North Carolina and four 3-semester hour credit classes from East Carolina University.

Upon completion of the program, complete licensure forms and submit with transcript and check to Sherry Tripp. Office of Teacher Education, College of Education, Speight Building, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC 27858 (Please do not contact Sherry until completion of the program.)

Licensure Forms V & U can be found at this site,, or print the following forms and return with check payable to SDPI for $55 along with transcript to Ms. Tripp at the above address. Form U has a space for the Superintendent's signature. That is to be ignored. This form is used by personnel offices, also. If students fax the attached request for transcripts, they will not be charged. (Fax number is on the form.)

Transcript Consent Form

Form U

Form V

Can I take classes on-line?

Yes. All four Driver Education classes are available on-line. They are DRED 2000, DRED 2330, DRED 3309, and DRED 3320.

How do I sign up?

Go to the ECU web page (, click on admissions, and then complete the process to be admitted to ECU. Your status will be Undergraduate Post Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure.

What if I have classes from another institution?

Send a transcript to Dr. Joe Shrader, Minges A-20, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC 27858 for evaluation.

How should I contact Dr. Shrader?

You may contact Dr. Shrader by e-mail at:

How can I teach Driver Education without DPI Licensure?

This can be done through the DMV. Please call 919-861-3109 for details.

When are the classes for Driver Education scheduled?

Starting in August, you should be able to sign up anytime to take the classes.

Is there an order in which the classes are to be taken?

Yes. You should take the DRED classes in the following order: 2000, 2330, 3309, and 3320.

Do I have to come to ECU?

The DRED 3320 class will have a lab scheduled for you to drive. You may take that here or you may arrange lab work with selected Driver Education coordinators with permission from Dr. Shrader.

How do I take the quizzes on-line?

Read the objectives, study the content, and take the quiz for that unit.

What is the password?

The password is the number of the quiz, i.e.: one, two, three, etc. (No capitals).

Can I take the quizzes more than once?


Driver Education Textbook Info

Can I use materials or other aids?

You are not supposed to. The final will be proctored and you will have no aids.

Do I have to arrange for a proctor?

Yes. Community colleges have testing centers or you can use an approved Driver Education coordinator or other administrator.

When should I arrange for a proctor?

You should arrange for a proctor when the class starts. If you plan to use a proctor instead of coming to campus, he/she must be approved by Dr. Shrader. Tests can be emailed, but will need to be mailed to ECU.

Can I take the class as an elective?

Yes, but it is designed for teachers adding licensure to their teaching license. This is not an "easy A" class.

How can I access my ECU e-mail account?

What is my ECU userid and password?

Your ECU userid should be your three initials, followed by your birthdate (month/date). Your password is the last six digits of your social security number. For other questions concerning your ECU email account, please visit

What if I have an old computer?

You may need an upgrade. Your computer must have minimum capabilities in order to participate in on-line classes. You will need to access Blackboard (, possibly the ECU One Stop web page (, and perhaps some other websites. To learn more about student support services from the Division of Continuing Studies, please visit

When should I expect a return phone call when I leave a message?

I respond to most emails. I do not return calls unless it is an emergency. Email is free and we both have a record of it.

What is Dr. Shrader's phone #?


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