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School Health Education - Program Goals

School Health Education Goals

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The goals of the program are that our students become lifelong educators with the ability to contribute to a healthful lifestyle and an improved quality of life for all of those they teach. Inherent in these goals is the commitment to the assumption that Health Education is most effective and efficient when it:

  1. focuses on health-related behaviors
  2. has a positive, wellness orientation
  3. is based on skill development
  4. approaches health comprehensively
  5. involves students actively in learning
  6. matches educational priorities with the appropriate age levels
  7. is culturally sensitive
  8. has continuity through the grade levels
  9. is reinforced by school policies, services, and environment, by parents, by peer educators, by community programs and media, and by school staff modeling

The attainment of the competencies necessary for quality health education have been developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Health Education and the Society for Public Health Education and adopted by NCATE for Health Education.

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