Worksite Health Promotion

Worksite health promotion enables students to blend health promotion, exercise science, and business management courses in their professional preparation. In addition to assisting executives and employees to maintain or improve their health, they also advise companies on health policies. Health promotion specialists in the business and industry setting plan and coordinate programs in areas such as nutrition, fitness, weight control, smoking cessation, hypertension, and stress management.

In the words of Worksite Health Promotion graduate, Scott Harrelson (ECU '96) Wellness Coordinator, Chowan Hospital: "My degree in Worksite Health Promotion enabled me to gain the position of hospital wellness coordinator directly out of school. Some examples of available jobs are hospital based wellness programs, state health educators, wellness representatives for HMO's, and college and university health services workers. If you are more interested in the fitness end of the business you can easily make your career choices more versatile by coupling a personal trainer certification with your degree at a minimal cost and pursue a job in a wellness/fitness center. In retrospect I can honestly say out of all the degrees I could have had, I am glad I chose Worksite Health Promotion."

Worksite Health Promotion 4 Year Plan and Checksheet

Public Health Studies Internship Manual