The College of Health and Human Performance

Memorial Walk Brick Paver Campaign

Honor a Service Member

The College of Health and Human Performance announces an exciting project to raise funds for ROTC Army and Air Force Scholarships.

Be among the first to purchase a personalized commemorative brick in honor of any veteran service of East Carolina University's faculty, staff, students, or friends. Your engraved brick paver will become part of the Memorial Walk located west of Christenbury Memorial Gymnasium.

Your decorative brick paver will be engraved with your selected name or phrase and will become a lasting tribute, paving the way for generations to come. Each engraved 6 by 9 inches paver can be purchased for $125.*

There are two ways to purchase a brick paver:

Post's Nursery has generously agreed to sponsor this campaign by donating the pavers. Jim Post, owner, operates the business in Rolesville, North Carolina and specializes in landscape design and installation.

* $100 is tax deductible. *$25 covers engraving costs.

FAQ: Memorial Walk Brick Paver Campaign

Q: Do you have to be deceased to be recognized?
A: No, the Memorial Walk accepts pavers for living and deceased nominees.

Q: Do you have to have served in the military to have a stone?
A: No, you need to have done something in support of our national defense. That could include helping with programs with the VA, VFW, Support the Troops, helping with Wounded Warrior programs, and similar activities.

Q: Can a person purchase their own paver?
A: Absolutely. The pavers are to honor the person doing the acts for national defense and people do not have to wait till someone else nominates them.

Q: Where does the money go that is raised with the proceeds of the paver purchases?
A: $25.00 buys the paver and pays for the engraving. $100.00 from each paver goes for ROTC scholarships at ECU.

Q: What happens once I purchase a paver?
A: The paver is engraved and delivered to ECU. We then will place the paver at the Memorial Walk area, take a picture for your records, and officially dedicate all new pavers during an annual Veterans Day ceremony.

Q: Can I purchase a paver for a relative who never attended ECU?
A: You may. We encourage a link with ECU so if you are a faculty, staff, student, or ECU supporter, you may purchase a paver to honor anyone with whom you have an association family member, friend.

Q: Can a paver purchase be done in an anonymous fashion?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there any limit to the number of pavers a single person can purchase?
A: No

Q: Is there any circumstance under which a paver request may be denied?

A: It would be rare that a request would be denied. If there is any question of a request meeting the criteria, it would be referred to ECU's Military Advisory Council for decision.