Message from the Dean: 7-11-2011

Dr. Glen Gilbert

Overall the college remains very strong but we are facing significant challenges given the economic situation confronting ECU and the state of North Carolina. The university will see a substantial reduction in state support starting this fall. As most of you know, the ECU Senate Educational Policies and Planning Committee was asked recently to look at some of the issues facing ECU. The committee released a report identifying critical performance issues that should be examined to determine if academic degree programs should continue and provided one example of a consolidation plan. This re-organization plan has received much press and it suggests that HHP be combined with Allied Health Sciences and moved to the Health Sciences Division. Since the Health Science Division is very focused on health care delivery, much of HHP would not fit well as we are more focused on health promotion.

Therefore we are urging everyone to support HHP remaining basically as it is. Since HHP is operating so well it may be more appropriate to add some units to the college. Once the ECU School of Dental Medicine is fully operational, it may be appropriate for HHP to become part of a new re-organized structure but it certainly does not make much sense at the present time. If this issue becomes critical, we will contact you by email with addresses to provide input to important decision makers.

In other news, you will note we lost two very special members of the HHP faculty – Mr. Ed Crotts and Dr. Edgar Hooks. They both made many contributions to HHP and ECU and we will miss them. See more about them in this issue. This edition, as usual, contains numerous items of good news for this exceptional college.

Thank you for your continued interest in ECU and HHP. Due to the budget situation we are producing this Newsletter primarily on-line. Please spread the word and be certain we have your email address.

Dr. Glen Gilbert

Glen G. Gilbert, Ph.D.
Professor & Dean