Faculty Research

RCLS faculty are actively engaged in research projects that service the region, state, and nation. Many of those efforts involve undergraduate and/or graduate students and often result in grants and contracts, as well as publications. Samples of recent faculty and student publications follow. You can learn more about the general research interests of the faculty elsewhere on this website.

Samples of recent faculty and student publications

Cooper, N. & Jordan, D. (2011). The perceived Impact of Involvement in Campus Recreation and Wellness on the Personal Leadership Development of ECU Students.

Cooper, N., Schuett, P., & Philips, H. (2012). An Assessment of Participant Motivations in College Intramural Sports.

Kline, C., Swanson, J., & Milburn, L. (2012). Development of Visitor Identity through Study Abroad in Ghana.

Boone, K., Kline, C., Johnson, L., & Milburn, L. (2012). Factors affecting tourism entrepreneurship in the North Carolina Mountains

Kline, C., Cardenas, D. Duffy, L., & Swanson, J. (2012). Funding sustainable paddle trail development: paddler perspectives, willingness to pay and management implications.

Paterson, S., Young, S., Loomis, D., & Obenour, W. (2012). Resource Attributes that Contribute to Non-Resident Diver Satisfaction in the Florida Keys, U.S.A.

Loomis, D., Obenour, W., Paterson, S., & Young, S. (2012). Segmentation of the SCUBA Dive Market for a Marine Destination.

Dr. Carmen Russoniello and students have completed a number of research projects related to biofeedback, video-gaming, and health.

Russoniello, R. (2012). Development of a Personal Telemedicine for Device for Health Assessment and Health Improvement.

Russoniello, R. (2012). The Efficacy of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback with Neurofeedback in Reducing Symptoms of PTSD.

Russoniello, R. (2012). A Comparison of the Efficacy of Casual Video Games and Anti Depressant Medications in Reducing Symptoms of Depression.

Schneider, P. (2012). Exploring the Motivation and Personality Traits of Adventure Travelers: A Hierarchical Model Approach.

Schneider, P. & Vogt, C. (2012). Segmentation of the SCUBA Dive Market for a Marine Destination.

Benjamin, S., Schneider, P., & Alderman, D. (2012). Film Tourism Event Longevity: Lost in Mayberry

Moore, J., Shores, K., Watts, C. & Zenong, Y. (2012). Rural Children's Afterschool Environment and Health Behaviors.

West, S., Shores, K., & Mudd, L. (2012). Association of Available Parkland, Physical Activity & Overweight in America's Largest Cities.

West, S. & Shores, K. (2012). The Impacts of Building a Greenway on Proximate Residents' Physical Activity.

Shores, K. & Watts, C. (2012). Comprehensive Interventions for Community Change to Reduce Obesity.

Skalko, T. (2012). Recreational therapy research in the context of health care reform.

Halioua, R., Williams, R., Murray, N., Skalko, T., & Vogelsong, H. (2011). Staring and perceptions of people with facial disfigurement.