RMP Internship Resources

All RPM majors will complete an internship as part of their studies. The internship is a minimum of 12 weeks of full time (40 hours per average) work, for a total of 480 hours. Students will work with their ECU Faculty Mentors to locate appropriate internship sites and experiences.

The RPM Internship Manual is critical to your success in the internship phase of the Recreation and Park Management program. Be sure to read, re-read, and read again the information found in this manual. You are responsible for knowing and understand the information found in this document.

Please note that internship evaluation forms are now completed online, rather than in hard copy. Thus, be sure to go to the designated URL to complete those evaluations. The RPM Internship evaluations available online include: (1) ECU Faculty Supervisor Evaluation of Intern, (2) Intern Evaluation of RPM Agency Supervisor, (3) RPM Intern Performance Report (completed at mid-term and end of internship by Agency Supervisor), (4) Intern Evaluation of ECU Faculty Supervisor, and (5) Intern Evaluation of Internship Agency.

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