Support Our Unique Programs

As seen on these webpages, our department offers a number of opportunities for students and alumni to be engaged and remain involved in the goings-on of the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies. Won't you consider supporting one or more of our programs? There are a wide range of choices where your support could make a difference—choose one that is close to your heart and gift what you can.

There are many ways to support the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, and our alumni are a generous bunch! Give a little or give a lot – every amount (even $5.00) is helpful as we strive to remain top in the field. In fact, if you were to set aside $5.00 per week (one fast food combo meal or your favorite coffee) to donate to the department; you could set up a monthly giving plan at $20.00 per month and help us to achieve our mission of teaching students and serving eastern North Carolina.

To set up a gifting plan or gift today, complete the online giving form or call the Gift Records Office at 252-328-9571 and let them know you want to support RCLS.