Support Student and Faculty Research

As you can see from the information provided in this section, both faculty and students are actively engaged in research. Many efforts are funded by outside agencies and communities, but most research efforts are undertaken without any funding. This can be a real challenge when data collection involves travel to communities in the region, interviewing participants, or using specialized equipment.

For instance in the Sensory Lab research is related to how music, smells, sounds, and lighting affects human stress and the experience of leisure. In order to conduct studies new oils (fragrances), music, light colors and effects are needed. These all have associated costs.

In the biofeedback lab, we always have needs for small items such as alcohol swabs, as well as electronic leads to measure brain waves, virtual reality programs and video games, and sophisticated equipment to measure stress, heart rate, and other physiological measures.

When we do coastal recreation research we have travel expenses, boat expenses (e.g., gas, boat rental), and time—often research in coastal recreation involves interviewing people engaged in tourism, boating, or fishing activities.

Research involving people with disabilities often involves specialized equipment such as sport wheelchairs, beep balls (balls with sound inside for those with visual impairments), and other types of assistive technology.

Our faculty and students interested in tourism often face expenses related to travel, interviews, on-site photo and digital recording needs, and the like. Research needs are diverse, and they all have some cost associated with them. Your support in monetary or equipment gifts are always welcomed and greatly appreciated! Research is what makes ECU great!

There are many ways to support the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, and our alumni are a generous bunch! Give a little or give a lot – every amount (even $5.00) is helpful as we strive to remain top in the field. In fact, if you were to set aside $5.00 per week (one fast food combo meal or your favorite coffee) to donate to the department; you could set up a monthly giving plan at $20.00 per month and help us to achieve our mission of teaching students and serving eastern North Carolina.

To set up a giving plan or give today either complete the online giving form or call the Gift Records Office at 252-328-9571 and let them know you want to support RCLS.