Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy (RT) incorporates a diverse range of activities into health care and rehabilitation. It is a systematic process using prescribed activities and experiences to achieve predetermined health oriented objectives. RT services are designed to assist the individual in changing certain physical, cognitive, emotional, or social behaviors in order to enhance functional abilities and promote independence. Ultimately, RT seeks to facilitate independent functioning in meeting personal needs and enhancing quality of life including recreation and leisure involvement. The RT process begins with an assessment of the client's needs, functional abilities and leisure behaviors. The Therapeutic Recreation Specialist then develops an individualized treatment plan which specifies goals and program interventions. Client progress is documented after participation in individual or group sessions. Recreational Therapy students at East Carolina University have scored well-above the national and regional mean on the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) Test. In addition, the NCTRC pass rate of students from the East Carolina University Recreational Therapy program is well-above the national rate.

Recreational Therapy Program Goals

RT Mission Statement

“Through education and practical experience, prepare students to obtain professional credentials and provide quality recreational therapy services to consumers; to engage in significant research that supports and demonstrates the efficacy of services; and to provide leadership and service to the community, state, and profession.” (Source: RT Faculty Program Planning documents, 2009-2010)

RT Vision Statement

“To become a Center of Excellence that prepares the highest-quality recreational therapy clinicians and researchers; that generates cutting-edge recreational therapy scholarship; and provides leadership to the profession.”

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