Aquatic Therapy Certificate Program

Recreational therapists and other allied health professionals who desire advanced training in the growing field of aquatic therapy may wish to earn the certificate in Aquatic Therapy. This is a 12-credit hour curriculum designed to prepare individuals to utilize diverse therapeutic aquatic services in clinical settings. Coursework is highly experiential and students practice their skills in the classroom as well as a therapeutic pool.

In this program, you will take coursework such as RCTX 5000: Theoretical Foundations of Aquatic Rehabilitation and RCTX 5001: Applied Techniques in Aquatic Rehabilitation, where you will learn the theoretical foundations of aquatic rehabilitation, aquatic applications to various disability groups, and aquatic therapy techniques such as Watsu®, aquatic arthritis exercise, Bad Ragaz, Ai Chi, and Halliwick methods.

The Aquatic Therapy Certificate program also includes three hours of coursework related to managing aquatic facilities. RCLS 5100: Aquatic Facility Management covers topics related to pool operations, water chemistry, and aquatic personnel management. The final three hours of the certificate program are dedicated to specialized aquatics training to provide a well-rounded approach to preparing aquatic rehabilitation personnel.

The certificate program is available to students enrolled in a graduate degree program as well as non-degree applicants holding a baccalaureate degree. Classes within the Aquatic Therapy Certificate Program are offered through online and weekend face-to-face instruction. This results in a convenient educational environment for working professionals who wish to gain this type of advanced education and training. For more information regarding the Aquatic Therapy Certificate Program, contact the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at (252) 328-4640.

Certificate Requirements (12 credit hours):

RCTX 5000 Theoretical Foundations of Aquatic Rehabilitation (3 cr)

RCTX 5001 Applied Techniques in Aquatic Rehabilitation (3 cr)

RCLS 5100 Aquatics Facility Management (3 cr)

Choose 3 hours:

Courses approved by the Certificate Director

Prior to certificate completion, all students will be required to hold national certifications required in First Aid and CPR.

Follow this link to a slide show about the Aquatic Therapy Program