RCLS Residual Fund: This account holds funds that we use to support faculty research, including initial expenses of pilot projects and faculty writing retreats. We can also purchase specialized equipment (like adapted wheelchairs or biofeedback equipment) that faculty and students use in research.

RCLS Development Fund: We can use money in this account for such expenses as specialized computer software, socials (for alums, award recipients, retiring faculty members), travel, conference registrations, honorariums, student wages, and travel for invited speakers.

RCLS General Fund: The General Fund is just that; it has very few restrictions on spending. We typically use these funds to aid in the growth of the department through marketing efforts, student worker wages, and recognitions of students and graduates. We also have purchased equipment and supplies to support new and cutting edge teaching efforts.

RCLS Special Activities: Special Activities include events for students, alumni, and faculty. These funds can be used for recruitment and retention efforts, exhibits, marketing materials, and the like.

Charlie A. Vincent Endowed Scholarship: As an endowed scholarship, before monies from this fund can be used to support students in the degree programs, a minimum amount must be 'in the bank.' It takes $25,000 to fund an endowment, and annual gifts to keep it fully funded so we can provide scholarships to students.

RCLS Scholarship Pool: This fund serves as a source of scholarships for RCLS undergraduate students based on academics and other criteria. Annual support is critical in order to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students.

Wounded Warriors: A very special fund, gifts to this account help to support activities for wounded service members who are receiving treatment and participating in research in the department. Donations help to cover the cost of biofeedback treatment, research, scholarships, graduate assistantships, faculty travel to related conferences, and administrative support for the Biofeedback Lab.

Ralph Steele Lecture Series: Begun in 2010, this account helps to support a lecture series named after a beloved professor. Speakers are brought in from all over the world, and the series is open to the entire community.

RCLS Fund for Excellence: Funds deposited into this account are broadly used to enhance the degree programs, faculty, and student development in the department. We use these gifts to enhance teaching and scholarship, and to maintain a strong presence on campus and across the nation.

RCLS Alumni Society: Funds deposited into this account are restricted to the programming and development efforts of the RCLS Professional Society. The Board of Directors provide guidance for the use of these funds; past expenses have included student travel support, student scholarships, and student benches on the Belk Building patio.