Article I. Name

Section 1. NAME. The name of this organization shall be the Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies Professional Society of the East Carolina University Alumni Association.

Article II. Objectives

Section 1. OBJECTIVES. The objectives of this Society are to promote the profession of recreation and leisure services and the interests of the Recreation and Leisure Studies program at East Carolina University.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. TYPES OF MEMBERSHIP. This Society recognizes three types of membership. Active Membership is available for anyone who has successfully completed the requirements for a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or bachelor’s degree minor from the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at East Carolina University. Associate Membership is available to members of the Recreation and Leisure Studies faculty and other graduates as interested, but not eligible for active membership. Honorary Membership may be awarded by the Board of Directors for extraordinary services to the recreation and leisure services profession.

Section 2. PRIVILEGES. Active members have the right to vote and to hold office. All members will be sent all publications of the Society.

Section 3. CONTRIBUTIONS. Contributions may be accepted by the Society.

Article IV. Officers and Directors

Section 1. The Executive Committee of the Society shall be a President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and Past President, which are elected by the membership, and must be a member of the Board of Directors. They serve for one-year terms or until their successors are elected or appointed. The new officers shall take office at the close of the annual spring meeting, at which their election is announced.

Section 2. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Directors are elected by the membership and serve three-year terms. The Board will serve the Society in an advisory capacity. Committee chairs are appointed by the President.

Section 3. The size of the board, including the Executive Committee, should not exceed eighteen (18) members.

Article V. Meetings

Section 1. ANNUAL MEETINGS. Two Annual Meetings will be held. They will be held the second Monday of February (Spring) and the second Monday of September (Fall) at 10:30a.m. in Greenville, NC. In an emergency the Executive Committee is empowered to hold elections and deliver reports to the membership.

Section 2. SPECIAL MEETINGS. A special meeting of the Society may be held at the request of the Executive Committee. Notice of such a meeting shall be sent to the membership at least two weeks prior to the date of the meeting. Only business stated in the call for a special meeting may be conducted.

Section 3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETINGS. A meeting of the Executive Committee may be held prior to an annual meeting. Other meetings may be held at the request of any member of the Board of Directors or by the President.

Section 4. ATTENDANCE. A member of the Executive Committee who is unable to be present at three consecutive meetings of the Board of Directors is deemed to have resigned his/her membership on the Board of Directors. This member is not eligible for reelection within one year.

Section 5. QUORUM. At any meetings of the Society, regularly and properly called, those present constitute a quorum.

Article VI. Executive Committee

Section 1. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The management of this Society is vested in the Board of Directors consisting of the president, the past president, the president-elect, the secretary-treasurer, directors and an institutional representative from the faculty of the Recreation and Leisure Studies program. The actions of the Board of Directors are subject to review by the membership at the annual meeting. The Executive Committee may make appointments to fill any unexpired terms.

Section 2. PRESIDENT. The President chairs all meetings of the Society, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee. The President appoints all committees. The President serves as the Society’s representative to the Alumni Association Board of Directors. The President is expected to serve a term as Past President following his/her term as President.

Section 3. PRESIDENT-ELECT. The President-Elect acts in place of the President in case of the President’s absence. The President-Elect is expected to serve a term as President following his/her term as President-Elect.

Section 4. SECRETARY-TREASURER. The Secretary-Treasurer acts as secretary of the meetings of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and of the Society and has custody of the roster of members. The Secretary-Treasurer maintains a financial accounting of the Association.

Section 5. PAST PRESIDENT. The Past President acts in place of the President if the President and President-Elect are absent.

Section 6. DIRECTORS. The directors are not members of the Executive Committee.

Section 7. INSTITUTIONAL REPRESENTATIVE. The Institutional Representative will be recommended by the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies faculty and appointed subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Article VII. Committees

Section 1. NOMINATING COMMITTEE. A nominating committee is appointed by the President. Members are appointed each year for three-year terms. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of nominees for each office from the membership. The Nominating Committee Chairperson will send the slate of nominees to the Board of Directors not later than 10 days before the spring meeting. The Annual Elections for Board of Director members will be held at the Spring Meeting. The new officers will take office at the close of the Spring Meeting. It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee to tally the votes and report the results to the membership present at the Spring Meeting.

Article VIII. Parliamentary Authority

Section 1. ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER. This will be used to settle questions of parliamentary procedures. The President-Elect will serve as Parliamentarian.

Article IX. Amendments

Section 1. AMENDMENTS. This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership responding to the ballot sent by the Secretary-Treasurer.