Students who major in Recreational Therapy or Recreation and Park Management do so out of a passion to help others achieve high quality lives and to make a positive difference in communities and the environment. And, we have some of the best and brightest students from across the state and nation in our degree programs. To honor those who work hard to be successful and to improve the lives of others, we appreciate the opportunity to provide students with scholarships and assistantships. These awards help our students complete their degrees and recognize their potential in the profession. You can help us to help more students by gifting a scholarship or an assistantship. You can choose to support a complete award or to contribute to our scholarship pool. Either way, you can help to make a difference in the lives of our students by making a gift today.

There are many ways to support the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, and our alumni are a generous bunch! Give a little or give a lot – every amount (even $5.00) is helpful as we strive to remain top in the field. In fact, if you were to set aside $5.00 per week (one fast food combo meal or your favorite coffee) to donate to the department; you could set up a monthly giving plan at $20.00 per month and help us to achieve our mission of teaching students and serving eastern North Carolina.

To set up a giving plan or give today either complete the online giving form or call the Gift Records Office at 252-328-9571 and let them know you want to support RCLS.