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Master of Science in Recreation and Park Administration

Program of Study
The Master of Science in Recreation and Park Administration (RPA) at East Carolina University focuses on providing a science-based post-baccalaureate education.   We offer a flexible curriculum for students who are preparing for managerial careers in public recreation, commercial recreation and tourism, recreational sport management, outdoor recreation, or who wish to pursue a doctoral degree in recreation & leisure.  These students typically have career goals focusing on public and non-profit recreation, commercial recreation and tourism, youth development, and natural resource management. The faculty involved in this degree conduct a wide range of externally funded research projects that typically engage graduate students in the research process. A concentration in Recreational Sport Management is also available within this degree program. Both thesis and non-thesis options are available.

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Required Core (18 semester hours)
RCLS 6000   Philosophical and Social Foundations of Leisure Services
RCLS 6100   Risk Management and Legal Liability in Recreation, Leisure, and Recreational Sport                        
RCLS 6110   Research Methods in Recreational Therapy and Recreation and Leisure Services
RCLS 6120   Seminar in Recreation, Leisure, and Recreational Therapy Administration
RCLS 6210 Management and Program Development in Recreation and Leisure Services
RCLS 6220 Managing Commercial and Tourism Industry Leisure Services

Generalist Concentration Requirements (9 semester hours)
MGMT 6102
MKTG 6162
MKTG 6642
Recreational Sports Management Concentration Requirements (9 semester hours)
RCLS 5111
RCLS 6005
Choose 3 semester hours from:
     EXSS 6445
     PADM 6120
     PSYC 6445
     RCLS 5100
     RCLS 5101
RPA Thesis Option (12 semester hours)
OMGT 6123
MKTG 6642
RCLS 7000  Thesis (6 semester hours)
RPA Non-Thesis Option (15 semester hours)
OMGT 6123
Elective (9 semester hours)
RCLS 6501 Capstone Experience in Recreation and Leisure Services Administration
For more information contact:
Dr. Thom Skalko, Graduate Program Director
1409 Carol G. Belk Building
300 Curry Court
Greenville, NC 27858-4353