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Recreational Sports Management Concentration

The recreational sport management concentration is tailored to satisfy the competencies required of professionals interested in the delivery of programs to youth and adults in the form of sport activities and facilities in which the service provider has direct contact with sport participants.

Program of Study:
The 9 hour recreational sport management concentration (RSM) is designed to prepare students with aspirations to be involved with community-based sport, youth sport organizations (YMCA, Boys-Girls Club), campus recreational sport, informal sport organizations, military recreation , or commercial enterprises offering special services directly to sport participants. Recreational sport managers and programmers often seek careers with municipalities, private clubs, vacation resorts, non-profit organizations, educational organizations, military bases, and corporations.  Degree requirement is a total of 36-39 semester hours.

Required Core (12 semester hours)
RCLS 6000   Philosophical and Social Foundations of Leisure Services
RCLS 6100   Risk Management and Legal Liability in Recreation, Leisure, and Recreational Sport                        
RCLS 6110   Research Methods in Recreational Therapy and Recreation and Leisure Services
RCLS 6120   Seminar in Recreation, Leisure, and Recreational Therapy Administration
RCLS 6210 Management and Program Development in Recreation and Leisure Services
RCLS 6220 Managing Commerical and Tourism Industry Leisure Services

RSM Concentration Requirements (9 semester hours)
RCLS 6005   Recreational Sports and Activities Management
RCLS 5111   Recreation Facility Management
ONE of the following: 
RCLS 5100   Acquatic Facility Management
RCLS 5101   Waterfront Facility Operations
EXSS  6445  Sport Psychology
PADM 6120  Public Budgeting and Finance

RPA Thesis Option (12 semester hours)
OMGT 6123 Quantitative Methods
MKTG 6642  Marketing Research
RCLS 7000  Thesis
RCLS 7000  Thesis

RPA Non-Thesis Option (15 semester hours)
RCLS 6501  Capstone Experience in Recreation and Leisure Services Administration
OMGT 6123 Quantitative Methods
Plus 9 semester hours of approved electives

For more information contact:
Dr. Thom Skalko
1409 Carol Belk Building
Greenville, NC 27858-4353