In order to become a declared Recreational Therapy major, students must make sure they are officially listed as an intended RT major first! Majors are ONLY changed to Recreational Therapy after a meeting with the intended RT academic advisor in the HHP Academic Advising Center. You can schedule an appointment by calling 252-328-4645.

As you might imagine, students will need to meet all requirements in order to be eligible to declare in RT. In order for a student to be eligible to apply to the RT program at East Carolina University, they must have met the following criteria:

  • 2.5+ cumulative GPA
  • Completed: ENGL 1100; ENGL 1200; MATH 1065; & BIOL 2130/2131 (or BIOL 2140/2141)
  • Currently enrolled in or have completed RCTX 2230 with a grade of C or better
  • Minimum of 25 RT Field Work Experience Hours completed

At the beginning of each semester (fall, spring, and summer), the intended RT academic advisor goes through all the advising folders for intended RT students to determine who is eligible to apply to the RT program that semester:

  • 35 students are accepted in the fall semester (applications are typically due in mid-October).
  • 25 students are accepted in the spring semester (applications are typically due in mid-February).
  • 10 students are accepted in the summer (applications are typically due in June).

As soon as the advisor has finished reviewing all the student folders, eligible students are notified by email that they are eligible to apply to the program. Directions, the link to the online application, and a firm due date will be included in that email. In a separate, individual email, students will be sent their updated RT checksheet (information from the checksheet is requested on the online application).

Students are encouraged to apply to the RT program EVERY semester they are eligible. There is NO penalty for reapplying consecutive semesters.

Once applications are completed and submitted, students will receive an email asking them to contact a specific RT faculty member to set up an interview. Shortly after that interview, students will be notified by email regarding the status of their application into the B.S. degree in Recreational Therapy (accepted; provisionally accepted; or declined).

Once admitted, students will be declared and assigned to an RT faculty advisor, who will serve as their academic advisor for the remainder of their studies. The assigned RT faculty member will provide guidance and assistance with practicum, internship, and career possibilities, as well as networking, professionalism, and general information about pre-professional preparation.

Be sure to inform academic advisor if you are thinking about eventually going on for a graduate degree, especially in areas such as Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. They will help you select the most appropriate science and elective courses to meet the basic requirements of those professions.

For additional information about the RT major and its requirements, follow the following links:


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