Recreational Therapy Internship Resources

This list contains information about affiliation contracts between ECU and the agency along with expiration dates. It is a compilation of years of contact with agencies and should be used as a beginning resource; it is not intended to be the only resource. It does not represent an all inclusive list of possible agencies nor does it mean that a student can complete an internship at only these agencies. Although an attempt to update the list is made, there may be agencies listed that are closed or do not have certified or licensed recreational therapists. Although rare, there are some agencies, that ECU has not been successful in negotiating agreements with and can not be considered for internship placements. It is ultimately up to the student to determine if the agency meets the professional and ECU requirements for an approved recreational therapy internship.

If you are interested in an agency not on this list or an agency that has an expired contract, please contact Ms. Rebecca Riedl as soon as possible. She may be contacted by telephone at (252)-737-2280 or by e-mail at

RCTX 4902/4990 Internship Manual

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