The College of Health and Human Performance

Sedona: Producing Your Annual Report


Do NOT use “ANNUAL REPORT’ on the menu bar.
Go to the “TOOLS” zone and select the correct item for the “TEMPLATE BUILDER”.
  • The specific due date for annual reports is set by each department chair but is typically in late March or early April.
  • First, complete entering information items for the HHP Annual Report via the Sedona home screen. Do not enter information directly into the HHP Annual Report template.  Information entered directly into the template will be lost.
  • After all the information is entered and saved in your Sedona file, go to the “TOOLS” section and click on ‘Template Builder’. You will see a list of different templates. (If not, click on the Templates tab.)  Do NOT select the ECU Annual Report template. Find ‘HHP Faculty Annual Report’ (in green at the bottom of the list) and click on the ‘View’ in the right column. Your information will appear in the annual report format, but be patient; it may take a minute to load. You are now ready to save this document to your computer or disk as a Word document by clicking the W in the upper right hand corner of your document. You can then open this annual report Word document and insert your teaching evaluation information into the document (not Sedona). When that is complete - save the document to your computer or disk again. Print and submit to your department chair.
  • If you find incorrect information in the Word version of your annual report, be sure to return to the Sedona home page and provide the correct information in the relevant section, then SAVE. When you access the annual report template and view it again, it will include the corrected information.