The College of Health and Human Performance

What is required to be included in Sedona?

Faculty members may wish to include their entire professional history on Sedona, if they choose to use it to maintain their vita but that is not required. There are two specific requirements:

  • Each faculty member who is required to submit an annual report must provide complete and accurate information in Sedona for the annual report.
  • All faculty members who have been at ECU since 2002 are to provide publication data from 2002 forward. Faculty members joining ECU since 2002 are to provide publication data beginning with their first year at ECU.

As you become comfortable with Sedona and the university provides templates, you should work toward including the following additional information in your Sedona file:

  • Tenured faculty – 5 year post-tenure review support data. Data for promotion application if applicable.

  • Tenure-track faculty – data from all tenure earning years at ECU for PADs and reappointment/tenure/promotion applications.

  • Full-time fixed-term faculty – data for annual report for your contract year(s).