Accordion Responsive Element

Element Information

Displays content in up to 10 collapsible sections.


  1. Insert the custom element "Accordion"
  2. Define the element
    • Options
    • Accordion Sections

Detailed Tutorial

Step 1: From your template insert a new element as "Accordion" found under "1 - Responsive Elements"

Accordion - Select Element

Step 2: Define the element by clicking the gear icon where you placed the element in the previous step

Define Custom Element SS

Step 3: Set up your accordion by choosing a default open status and how you like the header for your accordion items to appear.


Step 4: After setting up the options click one of the number tabs (1-10) and begin to set up the selected section. In order for the section to be displayed the check box must be selected. The header is what will be shown when the section is closed.

Accordion - Sections