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Banner Images Responsive Element

Element Information

Display a random image on a page load from a directory in your customCF folder. Image bust be .jpg files


  1. Upload Images to customCF folder
  2. Insert the custom element "Banner Images" 
  3. Define the element
    • Custom CF folder
    • Default ECU images

Detailed Tutorial

Step 1: Upload images to CustomCF folder, If you plan to use the Default ECU images you can skip this step

Step 2: Select "Banner Images" from the list of Responsive elements.

Banner Images - Select Element

Step 3: Define the element by clicking the gear icon where you placed the element in the previous step

Define Custom Element SS

Step 4: Type in the customCF path to your image folder created in step one, or check the "Use Default Ecu Images" box to use default ECU images.

Banner Images - Full Setup

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