Recent Changes in Web Browsers

Most browser companies are moving to prevent programmatic access to the system clipboard. That means that the buttons in the Rich Text Editor (RTE) for Cut, Copy and Paste are prevented from working in Chrome and Firefox. Using Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V still work. IE 10 still allows programmatic access to the clipboard. 

The PaperThin Chrome Extension (free in the Chrome store) uses a feature in Chrome to allow those buttons to work. 

PaperThin is testing IE 10 on Windows 7 for any other issues that may have come out of the recent (Feb 27) automatic push of the IE 9 to IE 10 upgrade. 

You can use Internet Explorer 10 with CommonSpot if you press F12 and choose IE 10 Compatibility Mode. In straight IE 10 mode, access to the CommonSpot Dashboard is met with an eternal spinning dialog. We are testing a fix for this issue. Stay tuned.

Firefox 10 ESR was also automatically upgraded to Firefox 17 ESR last week. So far there seems to be no issues with Firefox 17 except Cut/Copy/Paste operations in the RTE. We are currently testing a work-around for this issue. 


Attempting to get into the Dashboard with IE 10 results in spinning cursor. 


Hit F12 and change to Browser Mode: IE 10 Compatibility View


Cut, Copy and Paste does not work with Firefox 17 ESR 


Get the FireFox 10 ESR version