Compatible Browsers for CommonSpot

  • Internet Explorer, 8 and 9 (Windows) 
  • Firefox 10 ESR* version (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) 
  • Chrome 14 (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) – limited copy, cut, paste** 
  • Safari 5 (Mac OS X) – limited copy, cut, paste** 

*ESR stands for Extender Support Release - more on this later 

**From the CommonSpot Winter 2012 Contributor’s Reference, page 322: 

Authoring Browser Considerations 

Authoring and approval functionality is nearly identical across browsers. There are differences that affect usage of the CommonSpot rich text editor (RTE). 

For security reasons, both Mozilla-based browsers and Chrome prohibit cut, copy, and paste unless you first configure the browser to explicitly grant access to the clipboard. 

You can easily install add-ins to support clipboard functions in both browsers. 

Chrome users are automatically prompted to download and install on the PaperThin helper on first use, and clipboard functions are active after browser restart. To avoid the interruption this may cause, contributors using Chrome should create a sample instance of cut-and-paste in the RTE to invoke the download in advance of using the clipboard for actual content creation and modification. 

Safari restricts cut and paste to right-click operations, affecting the RTE toolbar and keyboard shortcuts.