Copying and Pasting Elements

It’s super easy to copy and paste CommonSpot elements from one page to another within your website. This trick is especially useful now that we’re gearing up to update our websites. So follow these steps or take a look at the demo video attached here
  1. Open both pages (or create a new page and open the old page) on two different tabs in your browser (the video shows how this works). 
  2. From the original page, click the “gear” icon of the element to be copied. 
  3. Choose “more.” 
  4. Click “copy.” It is the second option from the top. 
  5. A dialog box will confirm that the element has been copied. 
  6. Click the tab of the new page where the element is to be placed. 
  7. From “author” mode, click the appropriate “click to insert new element” link. 
  8. The element gallery opens. 
  9. Choose the top-most item, “Paste element.” 

And that’s it. You should see a copy just like the original with live links, text and images. With a time-saver like this, your website will be sporting the new look in no time.