Extended Support Release Version in Firefox

The appropriate Firefox version for CommonSpot is called, “ESR.” So, what is the ESR version and where do users download this version? 

What is “Extended Support Release”? 

First a definition. “ESR” stands for “Extended Support Release.” This version is appropriate for CommonSpot users as it has limited updates (security updates are an exception to this) for at least a year. Downloads are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Various add-ons are also available for the ESR version. 

PaperThin, the vendor for CommonSpot, endorses and supports the Firefox ESR version as working with the Winter 2012 version of CommonSpot (our new upgrade version). 

How do Users Download? 

Visit the Extended Support Release download page and choose your language (scroll down for “English (US)”). Click the “Download” button for your OS and install on your computer. Any existing version of Firefox will be overwritten. Bookmarks will transfer over to the ESR version. The update also checks your current add-ons for incompatibilities. 

Note that the version number for Firefox ESR is 10.0.6esr. 

Why Should Users Switch to this Version? 

Authoring with the Firefox ESR version will resolve several of the recent problems contributors have experienced when frequent browser updates—which is normally a good thing—take the web technology beyond what our CommonSpot version’s authoring can handle (CS is not updates as often). Therefore, using a version where updates are further apart slows down this problem and CommonSpot/Firefox work together well for a longer period of time. 

Add-Ons Link 

To search for available add-ons for Firefox 10.0.6esr, navigate to the add-ons page, type the version into the search box. The list of add-ons that work with the ESR version will be available.