Formatted Text Block

The "Formatted Text Block" element is essential in CommonSpot. This element renders a text block with rich formatting options, including font, color, alignment, and hyper-linking. This tutorial will discuss how to easily use this element. What you are reading right now is formatted in a "formatted text block" element! If your page is already using a style sheet, less formatting will be required. If you choose to not use a style sheet or format using HTML you can format the text as if it were a Word document. Creating a formatted text block can be done in _ steps:

  1. Insert the custom element "Formatted Text Block"
  2. Add data
  3. Format your content

Detailed Tutorial

To create a text block using the "Formatted Text Block" element follow these three (3) steps:

Step 1: To put the element on a page, click the "Click to Insert new element" link on your page, then choose "Formatted Text Block" listed under Text Elements. Then click the "Click here to define the Formatted Text Block element" link to open the popup window that will let you put your content inside the element.

formatted text block

Step 2: Add content to your text block. You can add text and images in this element. You can use the HTML tool (located in the toolbar to the left of the find/replace icon) to be directed towards another text block where you can use HTML code to create your own style sheet. You can copy and paste here in the HTML tool, so if you wish you could write your code in a separate program and insert it by copying and pasting. (Notepad, TextEdit, KEdit, or whatever is your favorite).


Step 3: Formatting your text can be done through HTML code. A great site for tips on creating style sheets using HTML is You can also edit your text by using the tools located at the top of the element.

Click Finish and your text block will be displayed on your page.