Google Search Element

The Google Search Custom Element lets you take advantage of the power of our Google Mini search appliance, the same index that we use on all our ECU pages, but limit the search to your desired subsite. 

To use it, just use the "Click to insert new element" link on any CommonSpot page. Pick Google Search, listed under Custom Elements. Use the "Click here to define the custom element data" link to bring up the popup window that will let you define the details. 

google search

The only required field is "Subsite to Search". By default the element inserts the URL of the current subsite, but you can change it anything that you want. As the text says, only put the part of the URL after "". 

The Search Field Size tells the long to make the search box on the page. It does not limit what the user can type in, only what will appear on the screen. The Search Field Default Text lets you put a text hint in the search box. When the user clicks on the search box, whatever you typed in there will be erased. 

The Search Button lets you decide what text will appear on the submit button. The Search Button Image lets you pick an image to use as the submit button instead of using a button. 

Two search forms, one using a button and one using an image can be seen here: