Image Editors

Simple Image Editors Online

Due to a conflict with the progressive design style sheet we are using -which adjusts the size of your web page to the visitor's screen size- the ability to scale a photo within the CommonSpot image dialog box has been turned off. This means, that while you can add a border or space around an image through CommonSpot image tools, you can no longer resize (scale) from this feature. Images and graphics need to be sized correctly before being placed on your web page.


Pixel- a digital image is made up of millions of little dots -each dot is called a pixel

Resolution- the number of pixels that form an image. the resolution of an image is measured by the number of pixels in length and width. A higher number of pixels per inch (ppi), the more detail in the image. The web standard for image resolution is 72 ppi

Resize- to change the size of an image while retaining the length to width ratio. The resolution of the image stays the same

Crop- The cation of cutting out unwanted parts of an image. The size of the image is smaller with certain parts removed, but the resolution stays the same as the original


For those of you who don't use PhotoShop, these are two FREE online photo editors that are beginner friendly and easy to use.


iPiccy is a simple online image editor that allows you to perform basic photo edits without completing a registration process. To resize:
  1. Click on the Resize Image editing tool.
  2. Enter the width and length you need
  3. Click Apply
iPiccy Editor
To crop:
  1. Click Crop Picture
  2. Drag the corners of the crop area until you are satisfied with your image
  3. Click Apply
iPiccy Crop


Fotoflexer is another online editing tool that allows you to crop and resize your images without joining or registering. To resize:


  1. Enter the size of the space in which you need the image to fit (length and width)
  2. Make sure the Keep Proportions box is checked. This will maintain the same width/length ratio
  3. Click Apply
FotoFlexer resize
To crop:


  1. Click on the Crop tool
  2. Click on the image where you want to start cropping and drag the corners until you have selected the desired area
  3. Click Crop Selected Area