Include HTML Element

We have created a new Custom Element: Include HTML file. This element takes HTML that is stored in a separate file and includes it in a CommonSpot page. 

To use this element, first take the HTML that you want to use and store it in a separate file. Because the HTML code in this file will be included in a larger HTML document, you do not want to include the HTML tags "<html>","<head>", "<body>",  or any tags that may only be used within the "<head>" tag. (e.g. "<link>").  You may include "<script>" and "<style>" tags. Then upload that file via your tools page. 

Next, include a Include HTML file custom element. The only field to complete is the HTML file location. By default, the field is prepopulated with the path to your tools page, so you would only need to put the name of the file at the end. For example, if I have a file named 'myFile.html' and uploaded it my training site tools page (, then the field would already have "/cs-training/hallwa/customcf/" in it and I would just need to add "myFile.html" to the end of that. When I click finish, the text in myFile.html will be on the page. 


The element will not process any ColdFusion tags, so you cannot use it to process any dynamic content. The big advantage that this element has is that to update the page (or pages) that have the element, you only have to upload a new version of the HTML file and the content of the page will be updated without having to change any pages to read mode.