Localist Calendar Responsive Element

Element Information

Displays a localist calendar of upcoming events. Content groups, departments, and other filters may be set.


  1. Insert the custom element "Localist Calendar" 
  2. Define the element
    • Dates
    • Events

Detailed Tutorial

Step 1: From your template insert a new element as "Localist Calendar" found under "1 - Responsive Elements"

Localist Calendar - Select Element

Step 2: Define the element by clicking the gear icon where you placed the element in the previous step.

Define Custom Element SS

Step 3: After you add a header, you can choose to add the "more events" link. This will add a link on the right side of the container to calendar.ecu.edu. By default the Header will already be a link to the same page. The number of results section lets you set the number of maximum results you want to be displayed (1-10). The days ahead section sets the maximum days in the future you want to show on your calendar. The rest of the settings allow you to filter and create any calendar you wish from any of the feeds from calendar.ecu.edu.

Localist Calendar - Full Setup