Multiple Column Responsive Element

Element Information

Provides multiple column layouts. Each column can have a container in it. Pick the layout that suits your needs. Can be nested.


  1. Insert the custom element "Multiple Column" 
  2. Define the element layout type
    • 4 columns; Equal Width
    • 3 columns; Equal Width (Default)
    • 2 columns; Equal Width
    • 2 columns; Left Column 75% width; Right Column 25% width
    • 2 columns; Left Column 25% width; Right Column 75% width
    • 2 columns; Left Column 70% width; Right Column 30% width
    • 2 columns; Left Column 30% width; Right Column 70% width

Detailed Tutorial

Step 1: From your template insert a new element as "Multiple Column" found under "1 - Responsive Elements"

Multiple Column - Select Element

Step 2:  Define the element by clicking the gear icon where you placed the element in the previous step and then Data

Define Custom Element SS

Click the drop down menu and select the multiple column layout that suites you best. From the options listed above you can see how many different ways the columns can be split. You can also nest more multiple columns inside of any column

Multiple Column - Full Setup