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News Item Responsive Element

Element Information

Displays up to 5 images, stories, and links.


  1. Insert the Responsive Element "News Items"
  2. Define element and add news
    • Options
    • Add images, stories, and links

Detailed Tutorial

Step 1: From your template insert the new element "News Items" under "1- Responsive Elements"


Step 2: Define the element by clicking the dear icon where you placed the element in the previous step.

Define Custom Element SS

For this element, there are many option to change. This part of the tutorial will explain each option. The Display As option allow you to display the data in different ways, the most commonly used is the list, selecting Randomize Entries will place the data in a random order. The Location of Text and Image allows you to choose which side the text and the image will be on. Section Width defines the width of each section of data. The "Read More" Text is the text display for users to click to read the full story. Example, you could put "Read more about it here" or "Full story click here". Header is used if you would like to display a header. The bottom option are for the Carousel Display type.


Add a title to the data by putting text in the Title box. Select the Select Image button to add an image. Follow the direction for adding an image. Add a summary of the data in the text box. In the box beside Link to full story, add the full URL of the story. You can select the order of the data by changing the number in Sort Order, but this is automatically done if there is no prefered order. REMEMBER to select the Display this Item, so that the image will be display if this is not selected the item will not show.


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