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There is a small difference between "My Pages" and "Page Finder" in Winder 2012. Remember that "My Pages" is a listing of all the pages you've created–pages for which you are the owner–while "Page Finder" generates the entire list of pages, documents, etc., in your web folder. 

Both features are found in the "My CommonSpot" site menu at the top of the page (the gray one), but they are each under a different category. 

My Pages 

For a list of the pages you created, click the "My Content" menu and choose, "My Pages..." 

list of pages

All Items Report 

Generate a list of the pages, templates, uploaded documents and registered URLs in your web folder from the "Reports" menu. This includes any item, no matter the owner. From the report, click an item to open. 

list of web folder items