Photo Gallery Responsive Element

Element Information

This element allows you to display images in a gallery format, with optional thumbnails.


Inserting the Element

  1. Click the "Click to insert new element" link.

  2. Click on "Responsive Elements" to expand that section.

  3. Click on "Photo Gallery" to select that element.
    Screen Shot of Photo Gallery Element

Uploading Photo Gallery Images

Upload your images to a CustomCf directory using the tools interface. If you have thumbnails for your images, they must:

  • Go in a separate folder, and
  • Have the same name as their larger counterparts.

Entering Custom Element Data

  1. Click the link to define custom element data.
    Screen Shot of Define Custom Element Data
  2. Enter image height, the path to the location of the images, the path to the location of the thumbnail images, and your choice for the transition effect.
    Screen Shot of Photo Gallery Custom Element Data

Example of Photo Gallery