Remote Script Custom Element

We have created a new Custom Element called Remote Script. The element lets you do two things: 

  1. Upload your own CFM files without having to wait for ITCS to approve them and move them to the live server. 
  2. Upload raw HTML snippet files and have them imported directly into a CommonSpot page. 

Let me explain case #2 first: 

CommonSpot has always had a built in element for including HTML. However, maintaining these elements has been somewhat difficult for many users. With this new element, the process is simplified, and updating the file is easier than ever. 

First, create your HTML snippet in DreamWeaver, Microsoft Expression Web (free for download at the Download Center for all faculty and staff), or your favorite editor. Since this snippet will end up in a larger HTML file, do not include the html, head, body or other like tags. Then upload your document via your tools file. The URL, which you will need in a later step, will be[site]/[subsite]/customcf/[filename.html]. Go ahead and open it to make sure that it works and everything looks ok. 

Then add a Remote Script element (listed under Custom Elements) to the CommonSpot page. Then paste the URL, except for the "http://", in the Remote URL text box. Click Finish, and you are done. 

Anytime you want to update your file, just overwrite the existing HTML file and the CommonSpot page will change automatically.

Uploading Your Own ColdFusion Scripts

If you want to upload CFM files, first you need to send an email to hallwa at so that we grant you the file permissions that you will need. The place where you will load the files is actually on a different web server than the CommonSpot server. You would then be allowed to freely upload CFM files, and then you can use the Remote Script element, in the same way as above, to import the output of those files into your CommonSpot site.