Text Around Image Responsive Element

Element Information

This element allows you to wrap text around an image.


  1. Insert the Responsive Element "Text Around an Image (Responsive)"
  2. Add to the element
    • Add picture
    • Add text

Detailed Tutorial

Step 1: From your template insert the new element "Text Around an Image (Responsive)" under "1- Responsive Elements"

Step 2: Define the element by clicking the gear icon where you placed the element in the previous step.

Define Custom Element SS

Click the Select Image button to add a image to the element. To learn how to add an image see the tutorial for Single Image under Image Elements on the right.  To add text type in the text box an the bottom. To change where the picture is located select from the drop down beside Image Location. To change the width of the picture select from the drop down beside Image Width. To add padding (space around) to the picture change the number beside Padding. Click save to create element.