Twitter Feed Custom Element


Adding the Twitter Feed to a Common Spot page requires three steps. 

  1. Embed the Profile
  2. Create the Widget
  3. Add the Widget to your page
*You must have a Twitter account to execute this element.

Embedding the Profile

Once you log on to Twitter, go to the account whose tweets you want to add to your page. Next, click on the drop down menu that looks like a head and shoulders and click “Embed this Profile”.


Creating the Widget  

The Create a User Widget dialog box appears (see image below). For username, use the name of the Twitter account you want to follow. In the image below, I’ve added East Carolina. Click the Create Widget button at the bottom. All the other properties are optional or can be left blank.


After creating the widget, a line of code will appear in the box to the right. Copy and paste the code into a text editor like Notepad. In the copied code, there is a line that says “data-widget-id” followed by numbers, copy the numbers. This is the id you will use when putting the widget onto your page.


Here's an example of what the code you would need to copy looks like:

Adding the Widget to your Page

Under the Custom Elements dropdown menu in CommonSpot, click Twitter Feed. An error will appear that says “There was an error with the Twitter Feed. Please make sure all setting values are correct.” This is normal, click the link the link that says “Click here to define the custom element data”. A box will appear that requires the Twitter User Name, Number of Tweets to be Imported, and Data Widget ID to be entered. When entering the user name make sure to remember to put “@”. The Widget ID is the number that you have copied from Notepad. To show East Carolina’s twitter feed, it would look like this:


Once you click save the widget will appear as follows: