You Tube Video

Adding a video to your web page will add a visual to the viewer which is quite important on web pages today. This custom element lets you add a YouTube video to your element. 

To insert the "YouTube Video" element follow these three (3) steps: 

  1. Insert the custom element "YouTube Video" 
  2. Choose the video URL 
  3. Include related videos/borders/purple skin/hd player (if you choose to)

Detailed Tutorial

To add a video on your web page using the "YouTube Video" element follow these three (3) steps: 

Step 1: After clicking the "Click to Insert Custom Element" icon, select "YouTube Video" under Custom Elements. 


Step 2: Insert the URL of the YouTube video you want to display on your page.


Step 3: You can change the size of the video on your web page dramatically by adjusting the video size in the drop down menu while entering in the element data. You can include borders to your video by selecting "Include Border." "Include related videos" will show related videos when the Youtube video has finished. Also selecting "Play in HD" will allow you to play the video in HD if applicable.