Using the Responsive Template


new page

To use the template you like, access the subsite this template will be used in. Open the new tab at the top of the page then select page...

select template
Select the subsite that the page will need to be created in (the current site folder) then press next. Select 1- Responsive Template from the category list. Press next then find the template you would like to use in the list. Select that template and press next.



Fill in the blanks to create new page. Name will be the URL name and Title is the name display in the tab in the browser then press next. Select any custom properties you would like.



Press save to continue, prev to go back to the name and cancel to end without saving the page. The template is now ready to be use just edit each element to add your information.

If you do not know how to do this please select the responsive element tab to the right to learn how to use each element.