Computer Warranty Services

All enrolled students are encouraged to visit any Pirate Techs location if experiencing a computer problem. However, some issues require a call to the manufacturer.

Warranty-related services

Initiative Macintosh laptops include a 1-year limited hardware warranty with more options as well.  We also offer for purchase 3-year AppleCare, 4-year AppleCare and 4-year Safeware warranties.

AppleCare Warranty Details
  • Accidental damage not included through Macintosh. Contact Pirate Techs Student Computing Support Center or Dowdy Student Stores for options

  • Battery warranty for 1 year from purchase
Apple Support
Phone support: 1-800-275-2273
Dell laptops come with a 3-year limited hardware warranty, In-Home Service after remote diagnosis + Accidental Damage

Lenovo ThinkPads include 3-year Depot warranty. We offer a 3-year Accidental Damage Protection and a 4-year Depot + 4-year Accidental Damage Protection on all units