Camtasia Screen Capture Software

Camtasia records onscreen activity, audio and web cam video, and is also used to narrate PowerPoint presentations. Recordings can then be edited, produced and shared. Editing features include callouts, transitions, zoom-'n-pan, audio enhancements and more. Produce the final video file that students watch at their convenience and can include a table of contents to aid navigation.

Departments now order Camtasia through TechSmith. If you previously received a Camtasia license through ECU, you will receive emails when upgrades are available.

Uses & Benefits

  • Pre-record course lectures
  • Provide supplemental course material
  • Provide step-by-step tutorials
  • Provide a tour of your online course environment
  • Record webcam introductions to weekly course content

How do I get started using Camtasia?

  • Request Mediasite space to post your Camtasia videos.
  • You will need a headset to record audio
  • You will need a webcam to record video