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Deskside Training Menu

Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word

Request a account to access easy-to-understand video demonstrations for your most-used Microsoft product.

Qualtrics Survey Tool

This training session includes understanding terms of use, using Qualtrics features, creating and distributing surveys, viewing/exporting results and special topics (informed consent and collaboration).

Blackboard’s Grade Center Customization

Learn a few underused tools/features in the grade center to help you create Smart Views for assessments, groups and why you would use color coding, etc.

Blackboard’s Tools of Engagement

Creatively engage students using features such as the blog, wiki, journal, discussion board and groups. Hear about assessment options and creative uses of the tools (including adding a rubric).

Clickers in the Classroom

Hear how (and why) instructors use clickers in the classroom for assessment purposes. Find out why clickers are a popular tool for assessment.


Do you work with sensitive data like HIPAA or FERPA information? This session discusses the tools necessary to easily encrypt sensitive data for secure transmission and storage, including email. This session offers the who, what, when and where of information encryption.


Discover the benefits of using an online e-portfolio system to help students archive, organize, reflect and present information through documents, graphics, presentations, and more. The demonstration shows how ECU colleges are successfully using iWebFolio.

ECU students and faculty now have access to, an online library of instructional videos teaching the latest software tools and skills. Taught by accomplished instructors and recognized industry experts, is a high-quality resource for students and faculty

Mediasite Lecture Capture

Mediasite is both a hardware and software solution for recording lectures, presentations, campus events and more. Video equipment is integrated into many existing classrooms and conference rooms. The Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) software can be downloaded to any computer, on or off campus. This allows you to create videos anywhere, at your own convenience, outside the classroom.

Microsoft Lync

Manage contacts, meet online with ECU and non-ECU collaborators and discover conferencing features like sharing your desktop, presenting a PowerPoint or video and more. Plus, we’ll overview security considerations and the Lync mobile app.

Network Storage

Need secure storage for your research or academic files? This session explains data storage options, whether it's your personal 40GB folder or a 50GB project team or department Piratedrive folder. Password-protected and encrypted with daily backup, on- and off-campus access and state, federal and university security compliance. Share your non-sensitive data with non-ECU colleagues through the ECU Outside FTP server.

REDCap Survey and Database Tool

REDCap is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, Web-based application for building and managing online research surveys and databases.

Respondus Test Generator and LockDown Browser

For those who give lots of exams in Blackboard, this Respondus demo piques your interest through its seamless integration with Blackboard. This presentation also includes LockDown Browser, a building block in Bb designed for exam security and integrity; a tool you'll find reduces students’ help calls to you!

Saba Meeting Web Conferencing

Hear this rundown of ECU’s web conferencing platform, Saba Meeting. We'll show you practical examples of how instructors use web conferencing with students, whether face to face or distance.

Second Life

Follow this discussion and demonstration of the virtual world, Second Life, and how it can enhance teaching and learning in your classroom. The demonstration includes a tour and explanation of the virtual campus and attendees see a virtual game in action.

Tegrity Lecture Capture

The team demos Tegrity, the lecture capture system integrated with Blackboard that you can use in the classroom, office or at home to record audio, video and more. Students can use it, too.

Yammer in the Classroom

A presentation of best practices and ideas on using this collaborative and social networking tool for educational purposes. Prepare to be impressed!


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